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Chair Yoga with Angie Noe

Chair Yoga

Are there any benefits of chair yoga?

If you have always wanted to try yoga but have mobility issues, or suffer from chronic pain, carpal tunnel, osteoporosis, arthritis, low energy, fibromyalgia or more, you still can have all the benefits of doing yoga from a chair.

Chair yoga is a non-intimidating way to get familiar with yoga

  • It’s a great way to become active or stay active. 
  • You don’t have to worry about getting up and down off the floor.

Chair yoga improves flexibility

  • It can help those with mobility issues
  • It helps improve function for activities that may have become difficult – i.e. tie shoes, turning neck when driving, picking things up, etc.

Chair yoga also improves strength, eases stress, reduces depression and anxiety, helps with pain management and improves balance and endurance.

Try a private session and get the benefit of a personalized class targeting your specific areas of focus.  Or call up a few friends and enjoy this healthy activity together.  Both options are available in-person or online.

Private Yoga

Are you looking for help with a specific physical or emotional issue?  Private yoga is a great place to start when requiring a personalized service. 

Think you need more than yoga?  Why not try Yoga Therapy?

Group Yoga

Group Yoga is a great way to spend time with with those you love through an activity that has many physical and emotional benefits. 

Why not try something new with your partner, friends or family? 

Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

“Yoga changed my life. Nearly three years ago, I was recovering from the second knee replacement when I saw an ad from my employer offering a yoga class during the lunch hour.  I decided to attend the class despite my fear and feeling embarrassed about being out of shape.  Angie welcomed me and made me feel comfortable in class.  Angie also modified some of the more difficult positions and with time, I mastered many of them.  I worked hard and as a result I lost weight, my diabetes condition came under control with a decrease in the A1C (6 pints!) number and my blood pressure is now normal! 

My doctor was amazing with the changes in my life.

Six months ago I was in a car accident that resulted in multiple bruises, concussion, hair line fracture on my right shoulder and a torn rotator cuff.  Although it was a traumatic experience, I used all the breathing techniques and relaxation techniques I learned which helped me through the emergency room scene.  After five months of physical therapy I returned to yoga class.  I tell everyone about yoga classes with Angie and how good I feel and I firmly believe my life is happier and more enjoyable.  Thank you for your support in my journey to being healthy and free from emotional and physical pain.”

~ D.F.

Prefer to stay home?
Virtual Classes Available

You can still have in-person and group Yoga classes without leaving your home through: FaceTime, Zoom, Google Meet Ups or another software of your choosing

For information on how to get started with online services, send me an email: or call: (970) 388-3351.  I will assist you through this process.