Online & In-Person

Yoga Therapy for Parkinsons
Helping improve mobility and function for people in all stages of Parkinson's

How It Works

Your Yoga Therapy session begins with an assessment and is customized with each visit (virtually or in-person) to ensure you get maximum benefit.

The assessment is simply a verbal question and answer to get a clear picture of immediate needs vs long term goals.

  • How are you feeling
  • How is your mental health
  • How much sleep did you get the night before (Sleep is extremely important to someone who has Parkinson’s.)
  • How does your body feel
  • Do you have aches, pains, stiffness, balance issues, etc.
  • What’s going on in your life
  • How much stress do you feel (Stress can make Parkinson’s symptoms worse)

Session Tools

Depending on how questions are answered, I will work with:
  • Small to big movements
  • Dynamic and static stretching
  • Breath work
  • Breath practices
  • Cognitive skills
  • Relieve Stress
  • Posture practices
  • Mudras
  • Vibrational work with sound
  • Relaxation
  • Work with getting your energy moving forward
  • Work with gait to reduce shuffle
  • Checking in with the tremors to help minimize them.

You will have certain things you must do on a daily basis as home work.  If you follow through with your home work you’ll notice a change and progression slows down.

Client Testimonials

“Always amazed with positive change…”

“Angie is a caring, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable teacher.  I appreciate the mix of breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, stretching and strength building that are a part of her classes.  When I first enter the class session I am often tight and stiff.  I am always amazed with the positive change that takes place in my body with her guidance and instruction.  Thank you, Angie!”

~ Vergie

“Strengthened and relaxed every muscle in my body…”

“Those of us with Parkinson’s Disease are told to keep moving!  And move I do in Angie’s Parkinson’s class!  By the time class ends, I think i have moved, strengthened, and relaxed every muscle in my body—and have had fun doing it.”

~ Nancy

“I feel my disease has slowed…”

“I have been diagnosed and am presently being treated for Parkinson’s Disease. I began taking yoga classes from Angie on my doctor’s recommendation. I took them twice a week for about a year. Her class is always full with a long wait list. Everyone around her feels special, because of her warm and friendly demeanor. I decided to retain her to do individual yoga therapy for me twice a week. Her yoga therapy session have done me a tremendous amount of good. She addresses the whole body, mind and mental blockages with special emphasis on my Parkinson symptoms. I feel my disease has been slowed down since I have been going to her for about a year now.”

~ Annonymous

“Upbeat, positive, caring and fun…”

“I am a participant in Angie Noe’s Parkinson’s exercise class and have also taken her chair yoga class. Angie is knowledgeable, upbeat, positive, caring and fun. At the beginning and the end of each class she always checks in with each of us to ask how we are feeling. During the class of stretching, breathing and tapping into our energy, we do get a full mind, body and soul work-out and the consensus at the end is always that we feel more relaxed, less stiff, calmer (we have let go of the mind-clutter concerns of the day) and often with a decrease in tremors. She always encourages us to practice the exercises between class times and I certainly notice the difference when I do so.”

~ Corny

Prefer to stay home?
Virtual Sessions Available

You can still have a Yoga Therapy session without leaving your home through: FaceTime, Zoom, Google Meet Ups or another software of your choosing

For information on how to get started with online services, send me an email: or call: (970) 388-3351.  I will assist you through this process.