Movement is Life
By: Angie Noe

In my profession, I hear, “I can’t do yoga”

There is a misconception that you have to do these amazing poses to do yoga and that is not true! Yoga is more than just the poses you do. Yoga connects the body, mind and the soul together, through movement, breath work, meditation, mudras, stillness and so much more.

So as we age, why would it be important to do some form of yoga?

As you know yoga has many benefits for such things as: lowers blood pressure, balance, posture, strength, increase mobility, helps with arthritis, depression, anxiety, improved lung capacity, bone health, keeps mind engaged, nervous system diseases like Parkinson’s and grief.

How does yoga have all these benefits?

That can have such an effect on a person’s total well- being. Well it all comes through practice of the postures, breath work, meditation, mudras, marma points, chanting and the cultivation of all these different tools that yoga has to offer, which helps the different systems of the body.

“Movement is life” in my perspective.  Once we stop moving we begin to become stiff, have aches and pains, the body’s systems don’t work as efficient as they use to.

So what type of yoga should someone over 55 do?

In my professional opinion I would choose from:

  • Hatha Yoga – Its all about the basics and breath work.
  • Restorative yoga – Holding poses in a supported way on the floor so the body begins to open through passive stretching.
  • Chair – Bring yoga into the chair, great for people who have a hard time getting off the floor.
  • Therapeutic Yoga – One on one sessions. Taking a specific issue and coming up with a protocol that is for that individuals needs.


C-IAYT (National Certified Yoga Therapist)
National Certified Personal Trainer for 55 and older

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