Fall Tips: Keeping Your Body Balanced

As we move into the fall season, here are some tips for you to remember to keep your body in balance.

Nourish the Body

Fixing root vegetables in stews and soups (carrots, beets, turnips, radishes and potatoes).


Oil the body with sesame oil – Before bed, oil body and place on an old T-shirt or PJs on. In the morning apply oil over entire body and brush teeth, scrap tongue, allow oil to soak in, may shower and just use soap around private parts not entire body.


Before bed – Warm oil to touch place several drops in the ears, rest, then place cotton ball in ear and repeat for the other ear.


Before bed. Place a drop of castor oil on finger in place in the corner of the eye and do eye exercises, repeat and do the other eye and close eyes for a peaceful rest.

Calm the Mind

By using a mantra – repeating words consecutive (So Hum)

Calm the Nervous System

Suggested movement and postures that supports the body through the change into the next season are forward folds standing or seated in chair

Balance Poses

Like tree pose which helps with focus

Take Time to Breath Deep

Do this several times a day to calm and center

Ground Your Body

On windy days, lay on your stomach and take several deep breaths

Ground Yourself

Use a stainless steel spoon and massage feet and toes


This is done by going outside barefoot and putting your feet on the earth (grass or dirt)

Hope you enjoy all or several of the fall tips!  Look for your winter tips in December.

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