More About Me…

My Passion

Is helping others get the best out of life

I weave my years of training in Yoga Therapy, Yoga, Personal Training and Energy Medicine Yoga to create a unique protocol for each and every one of my clients.

If you are seeking to maintain or optimize your current health situation or have an injury or illness please contact me to discuss what Yoga Therapy can do for you or someone you love.

My passion and ability to help others, in all stages of their life, is supported by a extensive training and experience.  With over 2100 hours of training and certifications and 2000+ hours of classes taught, I have noticed a greater need, and developed the skill, to support those who require personal attention and support.

Through Yoga Therapy I help improve strength, memory function, confidence, ability, mobility and flexibility on an individual level, in those who are seeking to improve their quality of life.

Classes, Programs, Trainings & Certifications


C- IAYT Yoga Therapist (Nat’l Certified Yoga Therapist)
Certified Yoga Teacher -I,II,II
Certified Yoga of the Heart Teacher
Certified Meditation Teacher
National Certified Personal Trainer for 55 and over
Certified EMYoga Master Teacher
Certified EMYoga RX Practitioner

Movement is Life – Article written for the Weld County Area Agency on Aging
Yoga Therapy Classes for Parkinsons

I’m currently teaching two Yoga Therapy classes a week for the Parkinson’s Association of the Rockies as a virtual class. The students really enjoy the benefits of being able to take a movement class that helps with their Parkinson’s symptoms during these times of Safer at Home.

Lead Yoga Therapist for a Colorado State University Research Project

This research project is through the Occupational Therapy department (myot-ed grant).  The program works with low income adults who have type II diabetes. The program was postponed because of the covid-19 in March 2020 and has resumed October 2020 as an online program.

I developed a 9 week protocol for people with type II diabetes.  It is a progression from seated to standing with various yoga practices and techniques to help those who have challenges with type II diabetes.  As we check glucose at beginning and at the end of class, people have seen any where from 5-20 points less in their glucose numbers.  That is the measurable difference we can achieve in Yoga Therapy.  It’s so exciting to be apart of this research.  I have enjoyed working with Occupational Therapist Department at CSU and hope to be of service in the Future!

“One of the best decisions I ever made…”

“I’ve been seeing Angie for over 3 years.  She not only improved my health but saved my life.  There are no words to express just how amazing she is.  Selecting Angie was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

~ B

Prefer to stay home?

You can still have a Yoga Therapy session without leaving your home through: FaceTime, Zoom, Google Meet Ups or another software of your choosing

For information on how to get started with online services, send me an email: or call: (970) 388-3351.  I will assist you through this process.